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Generally, essays are academic pieces of scientific text, which expresses the author's opinion but the definition of researched topic or subject is unclear and revealed through aforecited articles and overlap with the views of scientists.

For this type of paperwork the most important analysis of the available scientific works and express own author's opinion.

There are several types of essays depending on the topic and focus of this paperwork.

Usually, essays can consist of several components. There are can be following components:

  • political articles and opinions,
  • literary criticism,
  • academic facts,
  • author's life experience,
  • statistical and scientific data,
  • author's reflections.

In our days in most cases essays are written in prose. However, the essay can be written in verse if this is important for reflection of the author's thoughts.

Another distinctive feature is a volume of a work. Usually, it is small volume.

Further, it's also characteristic that the essay is written on controversial topics.

The topic of an essay can be different. For example, it can be catch phrase or a sentence of a famous person. So, student needs to reveal the contents of the phase and express own opinion on the topic.

It's necessary to know, that essay is very popular in many countries and occupies an important place in the educational process because in essay student can express his (her) opinion to important issues.